About Us


SEFA provides finance, mentorship services and small business premises to SMEs through a network of partnerships and encourages the sustainable development of SMEs. SEFA is the product of the consolidation of Khula, the South African Micro Finance Apex Fund (SAMAF) and small business activities previously housed within the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). Its lending instruments include direct lending to small businesses, wholesale loans to financial intermediaries and credit guarantees for businesses requiring bank finance. 

Africagrowth Institute (AGI) is an independent research, consulting and training company with its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa. The company‚Äôs work portfolio focuses on development finance research and training; investment, economic and trade opportunities in Africa; SMME Development; and in developing leading business-sector growth indices for Africa. The Institute publishes the African Finance Journal, Review of Development Finance Journal, the Africagrowth Agenda Magazine and the Development Finance Agenda Magazine.  AGI also specializes in the development of profiling tools for small farmers and small farmer-support agencies in Africa. 

This SMME-research platform is a collaborative effort between SEFA and AGI. The platform is an online research platform that provides a database on SMME research which would be accessed to foster research on various topics that relate to SMMEs. The Database comprises a variety of (i) reports, (ii) working and conference papers, (iii) policy papers, (iv) journal articles and (v) case studies on a number of topics on SMMEs. The database is accessible free of charge.